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Name : Terrence White
Regions : South East
Courts : Medway
    London Central
Law:   Family & Children
    Divorce Financial
    Parental Alienation
I'm a former oil and gas banker, chartered accountant and law graduate. I've transacted all over the world, including frontier markets where the rule of law is but a theoretical nicety, and negotiated with the likes of Gazprom and BP. After successfully self-representing in a bitter and protracted divorce covering 8 years, I've decided to bring my unique range of skills and experiences to the Family Law arena, as I also complete a Masters in Laws.

A McKenzie Friend is something different to a solicitor, but not less than one. I see myself as filling-in for a trusted friend, providing advice and support across a range of topics that arise before, during and after court. I will tell you frankly and honestly of the risks you are taking and the benefits you may achieve. I'll advise on the processes, do the legal drafting, form filling and forensic accounting for you. But I can can also help you strategise, get your thoughts in order and build the alliances you need to carry your matter forward to success. I can be beside you not just in court, but in meetings with Cafcass and social services, MPs and even the police.

B. Comm (Accounting and Law)

Standard Fee is 400 per day / 50 per hour, with no VAT. Concessionary rate is available. Travel is at HMRC rate